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Petroleum Company (the name of the company) is one of the leading companies in the energy sector, and its operational operations .
extend to the entire hydrocarbon value chain, as its operational operations vary to include exploration, production, storage, refining and distribution, leading to the development of a wide range of petrochemical products The company has contributed over 00,000 years, through the management, production and maintenance of oil and gas reserves. As "000" was the main catalyst for growth, its role positively affected the quality of life for millions of people. Since the year 000, the group has created thousands of jobs and contributed to supporting the growth of a diversified knowledge-based economy.

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We continue to work to achieve a sustainable balance between our society’s current and future energy needs through close cooperation with our international partners. The success and development of (000) is largely dependent on the efforts, dedication and performance of male and female employees in all group companies.
  • Continues its commitment to be a responsible and reliable global supplier of energy
  • Ensure optimal investment of our natural resources of oil and gas
  • Achieving long-term interests
  • Providing the best levels of service to customers
  • Works to increase the economic return
  • Improve performance and empower the human cadres


Oil well drilling services where an understanding of oil well drilling needs distinct expertise.

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Quality Petroleum Products & Services

Quality Petroleum Products & Services

Quality Petroleum Products & Services

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At Direction | Petroleum, Our values are the basic principles As it determines the decision-making process in our company, it guarantees harmony between the performance and behavior of our employees, and represents the collective commitment of our cadres in setting ambitious goalse

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